So, who is this blogger and how is she qualified to talk about personal development?

Fair question! You don’t know me yet – so how can you know whether you can learn something from me, or not? Am I just another poor blogger gal who hopes to make the big money by selling you too-good-to-be-true sounding theories that I picked up in the programs of the usual personal development scammers?

Obviously I’m not objective and can’t tell you what to believe – You have to decide for yourself!

Let’s look at some indications that I am the ultimate evil:


1.I’m only 22.
- Yikes!

2.I don’t have any academic qualifications or certificates. I even quit school before I got the chance to get to college.
- Oh no!

3.I’m not a rich person yet.
- What a shame!

4.I haven’t had a romantic relationship yet.
- OH – MY – GOD! YOU’RE 22! *closes-the-internet-browser-and-dies*

Now, if I haven’t scared you away, I’d like to show you what’s left.



- I moved out at the age of 18 and am still living on my own.
- I have survived until now without ever having long-lasting jobs (and never had a full-time job or a not-at-home job)
- I’m getting most of my money by doing what I love (acting, writing, making music)

Health + Fitness:

- In 2008 I became a vegetarian, later I became an 80%-vegan.
- In 2010 I did a fast that lasted 6 days (3 days only water and 3 days only juice)
- for a period of almost one and a half years I went jogging at least five times a week first thing in the morning (=at about 5.30am) (then I switched to yoga classes)
- I walk barefoot in the summer months


- I have learned how to be a very happy person
- I have learned how to be always motivated
- I have learned how to love myself and others unconditionally
- I have learned how to deal with negative emotion


- I met more than 100 new people in 2010 (95% in Real Life; and I saw 60% of them more than once), although I’m an introvert

Creative + Career

- I wrote, recorded and published an album (in 2009; genre: german electro pop) and afterwards I gave 11 concerts with it; I did almost everything on my own
- I finished the “National Novel Writing Month” twice (= which means I wrote a novel of 50000 words in 30 days (twice)).
- I finished the “February Album Writing Month” (= the challenge is to write 14 songs in the month of february)
- I finished “Script Frenzy” (= wrote 100 pages of a screenplay in one month)
- I built multiple websites since I was thirteen and wrote more than 400 articles for blogs
- In 2010 I was 83 times on stage, as an actor and a musician
- I wrote the score for a college student short movie
- I have learned to take effective inspired action, instead of just taking action

Hm, I’m sure there’s more but at the moment that’s all I can think of that I always wanted to brag about.

Seriously, though, this is how I want to do it:
- I won’t write about growing old, getting academic qualifications, becoming rich and maintaining long-term relationships or anything else that I’m not experienced in yet.
- Instead I will write about how to use your inspiration and creativity, how to become a more social human being, how to become and stay motivated, how to introduce new healthy habits to your life, how to organize a creative career, how not to die from the fear of not knowing where your next pay check will come from and about everything else I’m experienced in. I will also track my progress on personal development goals I’m currently working on.

Is that a deal?

You got to know!

Because it’s your choice.

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  1. Andrew R says:

    Man who thinks she would be qualified to teach me about personal development! *snark* ;)

    I’m sure you are great for telling people what has worked for you. There is nothing to be ashamed about not being in a romantic relationship at 22. Unless you are just kidding. (but we’re not always “Just kidding” :p) :)

  2. Alice says:

    @Andrew: I was kind of kidding. But the bottom line is: I want to be honest with my audience about myself.

    I’ve seen a lot of people teaching stuff they obciously don’t know much about. They hide themselves behind their computer screens and their website logos and a few months later you accidentally find out that they don’t have success in the areas they teach about at all. For example get-rich-quick-guys who are barely scraping by or fitness experts who have got a dangerously high BMI.
    I don’t want ever to be one of those!

    I rather show the world who I am now. Then I have to deal with less trust and authenticity issues later and can fully concentrate on expressing myself from the beginning. :)

    Everything I admit now I don’t have to admit later.

  3. Gaby says:


    - I have learned how to be a very happy person
    - I have learned how to be always motivated
    - I have learned how to love myself and others unconditionally
    - I have learned how to deal with negative emotion

    This sounds very interesting :) Teach me :) )

  4. Alice says:

    @Gaby: These are indeed the ones with the most interesting effect. :) I’m soon gonna blog about how to release negative emotion.

  5. The Vizier says:

    Hi Alice,

    I know potential when I see it. Age is never a good indicator of wisdom or maturity. Your frank and open approach has won my admiration and respect. It’s good that you commented on my blog so that I took notice of you. Best to climb aboard your wagon early before you achieve the success that will be yours one day. ;)

    Honestly, the things you have achieved is greater than what anyone your age would have done, so I do believe you have something to offer. If you lived in medieval times, you would have been an Alexander the Great or Sun Ce, young guys who did great and bold things haha!

    There are many paths to success and I believe you will get there as I mentioned earlier. I definitely look forward to your writings on inspiration, creativity, staying motivated etc. We should always be authentic and write what we know. It is easier that way and comes naturally to us.

    Well do take care of yourself and keep writing. Maybe one day we could collaborate as well. Your creative skills will surely come in very useful. :)

    Irving the Vizier

  6. Alice says:

    @Irving: Thanks a lot for your comments, Irving! It was a pleasure to read them. I feel very honored by your comparisons. I hope I’ll be able to write history some time, too. ;)

    Yes, maybe we’ll find something to work on together! I love collaborations.

  7. Debajit Sarkar says:


    I have always been of the opinion that a person should be liked unconditionally , regardless of his or her background.

    Therefore, I wish you nothing but Success and Happiness , now and forever.

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