Six Months After Making Offers

When you’re trying to improve yourself or your life situation, you will often need many trials before you find a strategy that brings you closer to your goal. So when I find something that actually works it’s kind of a big deal to me. One thing I tried and which brought success was my “Making Offers Trial” last summer. The great thing about this trial is that I am still benefiting from the work I did back then.

People are still visiting my website
Last summer I posted links to my website in film forums and on youtube and wrote that I was offering to create music for movies and games. To this day people are sill using those links, visiting my website and, which is the most important thing, ask me whether I want to score their films. I certainly don’t get flooded with mail but I’ve got at least one new request every month since then.

People are still buying tracks I uploaded back then
I also used the opportunity to upload quite a few tracks to multiple audio stock websites. People are still buying these tracks today. So what I did is still creating passive income for me.

One of the best things about business is that it brings people together. Although you can’t preserve all relationships that you made via your business, there are always some that will stay longer. I am still in contact with people who I met as a result of my trial. There are probably going to be more collaborations and projects because of that – which again will help my business grow.

Experience and knowledge
The knowledge that I’m benefiting from making offers and the experience that I can make many offers in a short period of time still helps me to this day. Since then I uploaded a lot more tracks to audio stock websites, for example, which helped me create a nice little passive income stream.

Making offers is not the same as “marketing”
If you think about doing this experiment yourself, be aware that making offers is not passive marketing like “getting people to your website”. Making offers actually means that you have a sales page (or multiple sales pages) or at least a page where you describe what you’re offering – so people can buy it. It’s really about asking for the sale. Online or in real life. If you don’t ask for the sale, people will not buy anything.
A lot of people are trying to get around the asking because it can feel uncomfortable. If you’re trying to do this yourself, though, you can’t hope for a lot of sales.
Just my experience of offering nothing for many years. ;)

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  1. Me says:

    Making offers IS marketing. It’s just that most “marketers” got it wrong.. ;-)

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