How to Change Your Life

You probably want to change something about yourself or your life. Otherwise you wouldn’t be on this website, right? That’s why most of us are interested in personal development, after all.

Personal development is a wide topic. And often it’s a very theoretical one. That means: We read and read, fill our brains with theoretical knowledge and become our own little experts. However, our life doesn’t change from that. In fact, many people stay at the same place for years, while their knowledge of personal development subjects grows bigger and bigger.

And even when you’re doing things like healing yourself, having spiritual experiences or come to new conclusions about yourself, it doesn’t mean that your life will change from that. Often life just stays the same.

No matter how much we work on our inside world, the outside world will not change if we don’t put our conclusions and knowledge to practice in the physical world – in other words: nothing’s going to change if we don’t take action.

If we realize that, the first problem arises: We don’t know which action steps we need to take in order to change something. Many people already give up at that point. They will start procrastinating, fill their days with non-actions like meditation or routine tasks that don’t get them anywhere. They don’t know which actions to take so they try to do as little as possible.

Others will do the opposite: They will start getting busy and basically bust their butts off. They will try to make the change happen as hard as possible. But although they might work really hard (often until they almost burn out), nothing much changes, either. How frustrating!

Have you found yourself in any of these situations? Trying to make change happen but not getting anywhere? Getting frustrated with your progress, maybe even to a point where you were getting sceptical of your own abilities?

Maybe you even gave in to resignation and accepted your defeat. The thought “It seems like I’m not build for success” or “I’m probably never going to make it” could have crossed your mind. You might even have made up excuses like:

- “Success is just not that important to me.”
- “I don’t NEED that anyway.”
- “I need to do more energy clearing in order to make progress” or “I need to do more work on myself before I can get what I desire” or “I need to learn THIS ONE self development technique that will solve all of my problems” (= going back to doing nothing and changing nothing)
- “Other people are made for that – I’m not.”
- “There’s something wrong with me. I must have some sort of psychological issue.” (you will probably find one; the pharma industry is eager to diagnose everyone with all kinds of illnesses)
- “Having desires is not good, anyway. I will just release those desires.”
- “I shouldn’t have more, anyway. Otherwise other people will have less.”

These are all very creative excuses! But that doesn’t make them any less silly.

You know that you still want what you want. Using excuses will only make you frustrated, sad or even bitter. How much longer do you want to deny yourself the change that you need?

And let’s face it: You need it. Why? Because we humans are made to expand. We’re here to evolve and make new experiences. And changing our life and physical surroundings belongs to this process! If we give up on our desires, we’re basically failing to live the way we’re supposed to live: in joy, excitement, fun, passion, abundance and absolute fulfilment!

You could give that up.

But you don’t need to.

And you don’t want to. I know that.

Because there’s no reason to stay at this place. To stay frustrated or resigned. To stay craving and unfulfilled. To stay struggling.

How would you feel if you saw progress in your life every day?
How would you feel if you finally received the fruits of your efforts?
How would you feel if you were creating everything you desire?

It might be hard to imagine that you can turn around your life and start creating what you want. But it is absolutely possible!

I won’t lie to you, though: There’s no magic formula and no quick fix. You will not change your life in two seconds. It’s going to be a progress and it’s going to take a little effort – but it IS going to be real.

It’s not glamorous or surprising either. Here are the three steps you need to take in order to create real change:

1) Decide what you want
2) Figure out how to get there
3) Take action

Simple, right?

The problem is: If you get stuck at one of these points, you will NOT create the desired change. And that’s what happens to many people every day: They get stuck at one of these simple steps.

Let’s take a more thorough look at those individual steps:

1) Decide what you want

This is where the problems begin: Many people do NOT know what they want. They know what their parents want from them, they know what their teacher or their boss wants from them, they know what their partner wants from them – but they don’t know what they want themselves. So they try to adapt to other people’s expectations.

They make it their goal to get good grades although they hate their subject – and then they’re surprised why they can’t focus on learning. They make it their goal to lose weight although it wouldn’t be one of their priorities – and then wonder why they always switch back to their old food habits.

Even if you know what you want, you can get stuck at this stage: If you don’t define it clearly enough. “Earning more money” is not a clear definition of what you want. How much more money do you want to earn? If you can’t imagine your goal in a very specific way, you’re not going to be able to reach it.

In order to reach goals, you need to define goals. You need to know what is important to you. And you need to know what your priorities are.

2) Figure out how to get there

When you’ve found out what you want and have decided on your goals, you need to figure out how to get there. This is where many people get stuck again.

What if you don’t know how to get to your goal? If you’ve never achieved it, there’s a good chance you have NO CLUE about how to reach your goal!

A common mistake is to over-think at this stage. Things that can happen:

- Maybe you try to figure out the “best possible way” to do it and get stuck in analysis paralysis. The longer you think about the best way, do research and analyze strategies, the more confused you will get. Also, the more you prepare for the perfect strategy in your head, the more you will become afraid to screw it up. You will just get paralyzed.

- Maybe you decide for a plan – but you plan and schedule every little baby step from your starting point to your goal. While many experts recommend this strategy, it’s often a formula for failure. Not only will you become bored and uninspired by only looking at your plan, it’s also pretty sure that your plan will suck in the grand scheme of things. Life is not following a plan – you should know that if you ever made one. By following your plans too strictly you will miss a lot of paths that will lead to your goal in a more direct or more enjoyable way.

Plans to your goal need to be flexible and realistic. They shouldn’t take away your inspiration or excitement. They should give you a direction but still be exchangeable any time.

3) Take action

Even if you get through the first two stages, you still need to go through the third one: Which is called “taking action”. Many people just forget about this step (it’s just easier to sit at home and meditate, isn’t it?) but even those who don’t, try to procrastinate as long as possible.

Often we feel overwhelmed or not ready to take the action that is necessary. We’re scared or feel like we don’t have the power or knowledge that we need.

And even if we manage to take action, there’s a fair chance that our activeness is only short-lived. After a few days, our motivation wears off, and we get back to our normal life.

In order to reach your goals, you need to take action. Not once but on a daily basis. You will need to go through your fears and insecurities and be able to act even when you’re not motivated.

How To Change Your Life

So, although the steps per se seem quite simple and logical, there are many challenges to them. And if you’ve ever tried to reach a goal, you probably agree that it’s not that easy.

So, what to do? Read another bunch of personal development articles, do some more research on how to achieve your goals, try to make up another strategy or system?

I’ve experimented with many strategies and systems. I can’t even count how many times I started just to stop again. I can’t believe how much time and effort and life enjoyment I wasted on ineffective plans and goal setting.

Here comes the good news, though: After going through the traditional goal setting and planning routine many times (and failing), I discovered a new, more intuitive approach. Back then I didn’t realize this would reform my whole process of creating change!

And now to the very good news: You can learn it, too! I’m afraid it’s a little too much for one article, though. That’s why I created an email course where you can exactly learn the process step by step.

This could be exactly what you’re looking for…

- if you want to create changes in your life but you don’t know how.
- if you’ve tried to change your life but you get frustrated because nothing happens.
- if you feel stuck in certain areas of your life.
- if you can’t seem to make progress.
- if you work and work and still nothing happens.
- if you’re confused about how to reach your goals.
- if you don’t think your current goal setting routine works for you.
- if you’re bored by uninspired step-by-step plans that schedule your every movement.
- if you feel like you’ve read every personal development article in the world but still don’t know how to get closer to your goals.
- if you’re into the law of attraction but have trouble manifesting.
- if you’re very good at the internal or spiritual work but are not that good at taking action.

It’s not for you, though…

- …if you only want to learn how to follow through on a linear action plan (like writing a book, creating a website, changing a habit or studying for an exam)
- …if you’re looking for a quick-fix solution or a magic formula.
- …if you’re not willing to invest at least 15 to 30 minutes per day.
- …if you’re not willing to step outside of your comfort zone and learn something new.

How does it work?

It follows the three steps I outlined above. So…

1) You decide what you want
At first you will figure out what you want. You will also pick one or two priorities. We will cut through the confusion and focus on creating clarity. You find out what kind of change you REALLY want to create in your life.

2) You figure out how to get there
You will create a plan. But that plan is not going to be over-analytical, uninspiring or boring. In fact, it will be daring and exciting, flexible – and still more effective than the run-of-the-mill plans that personal development experts usually recommend.

3) You take action
Not the action that you would usually do but action that take you outside of your comfort zone and challenges you exactly in the way that makes most sense. Although you are taking baby steps to your new goal every day, you will not be overwhelmed by the amount of work. Instead you will learn how to take the action steps that matter.

How is it delivered?

The course is delivered by email.

- You will get a new course email almost every day for six weeks. That way you don’t forget about taking action on a daily basis.
- You will be led through the course step by step. After you’ve done the initial work of setting goals and creating a plan, you will not need to spend much time on managing the course anymore (you will only need the time to take action).
- Many emails contain additional information, for example about what to do when you feel overwhelmed, how to stay motivated or how to deal with drama.

Although you don’t need more than the emails in order to do the course, there’s another feature that will help you go through it:

You don’t have to do this course all alone.

In fact, all course participants will do this course together (if they want to). We have a small forum where we meet daily, share our progress and cheer each other up (everybody has a bad day once in a while).
You don’t even need to spend much time there in order to benefit from it: The feeling of being held accountable by the group will help you keep the promise that you made to yourself.
Also, you will have a chance to connect with like-minded people there: People who want to challenge themselves, create a better life and possibly a better world.

This is what two of my last participants said:


I’ve rarely been so productive! Especially the mutual feedback and sharing of experiences became a big push for my motivation. I was able to follow my goals in a much more powerful way because I learned in this course to become aware of my intermediate goals and inspired actions.
I always looked forward to the next day with new tips and new assignments!”

Michael Michalowski, Bielefeld, Germany


“Alice’s Course was one of the biggest growth catalysts for me this year.
It is awesome for people new to personal development, because you will learn first-hand what growth feels like and become more used to leaving your comfort zone. It’s also great for more experienced people, because it provides a framework for making significant changes to your life and will keep you motivated every day.
I took the course and loved it, and I will take it again because I still have so much to learn from it and miss its community (yes, there’s a community, how cool is that?).
So, are you going to let this opportunity go by or are you going to finally learn how to change your life?”

Vasco Brazão, Lisbon, Portugal


So, let’s sum up – what do you get?

- You get an email course about creating change in your life.
- The course is six weeks long, you get a new email almost every day.
- The emails tell you exactly how the program works an what you have to do. Additionally they contain tips on how to deal with the challenges your facing when you’re changing your life.
- Furthermore you will get access to the community forum where you can share your experiences, meet new people and get support for achieving your goals.

How much does it cost?

At the moment, the course costs 17€. Over six weeks that’s only about 0,40€ a day. Basically it’s a steal because the changes you will create will make up for a price that’s way higher.

When does it start?

It starts on January, 7th, 2013.

I don’t give this course regularly yet because I don’t always have the time. So if you are interested, I suggest you sign up this time. Just think about it: With the new year starting it’s the perfect timing to tackle all those new year resolutions.

Still got some questions or concerns? Then contact me now.

Otherwise, sign up here: Add to Cart

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