Year: 2020

How COVID is Changing How We Think About the Future

As scientists try to find a solution to COVID-19, it has already permanently changed everyone’s life. It is because the key events in history still leave behind a legacy. Here are ways in which COVID modifies our thought about the future along with strategies to make it work for you: Life Insurance to safeguard your […]

5 Ways to Save Money for Christmas

Many people feel the financial hustle and bustle at Christmas as they think of all the presents they need to buy from family and friends. Many people have been left with fewer funds in the new economy for donations than they used to have. The truth is that you do not have to think about […]

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Pet Insurance

Many pet parents can maintain fair pet care costs for their dogs, cats, and even birds. Although a monthly fee and food, toys, medications, and cleaning are an extra cost, pet insurance is useful in case of medical emergencies and, in particular serious injuries. With the costs of chronic diseases being treated so high, your […]

A Guide to 1% Strategy for Saving and Investing

This approach consists of a necessary but significant change of mind that will change your everyday perception of money personally. You will still think about the percentage differentials before the crude dollar number compared to two goods or two rates. By looking at the percentage change, it’s easier to determine savings or growth between two […]