2012 – The Review

It’s already two years since I’ve started this blog. A lot of things happened since then. I just read my review of 2011 and found it quite entertaining.

I love writing reviews about my life because they help me understand my development better. So how was 2012?

The situation

Let’s start at the beginning of the year so we can see what changed in the course of the last 12 months.

About a year ago I was living in an apartment in Bamberg, Bavaria. I was single. I was waiting tables part-time. Every few weeks I had a theater gig. I didn’t have any big projects coming up. Everything was very open. The only thing that I had decided was that I wanted to concentrate more on my marketing for Follow The Red Queen. I also knew that I wanted to move to Berlin in spring. However, it wasn’t etched in stone back then and I didn’t have any concrete plans.


Fast forward 12 months and now I live in Berlin. So that has worked out apparently. ;) I moved there at the end of May because I felt like I needed to change my surroundings in order to create more change in my life. It was definitely one of the most important decisions this year – because, indeed, my life has changed a lot since then.

Berlin is a great city for someone like me. It’s a city with a lot of diverse people, which creates an open-minded energy. As someone who is a little weird, I can appreciate that very much. It’s not very hard to find other polyamorous, vegan, gay, self-employed or spiritual people here.

What I really like is that you can explore so many different things. There’s always a lot more to see and to discover.


Creatively speaking, 2012 has probably been the most productive year of my life (so far). Although I’ve always been working hard, this year I understood a lot more about productivity: Productivity means that you’re creating results in the real world (duh!).

Composing 10 finished songs in a year is way more productive than composing 100 unfinished ones. I finally got that now. And so I’ve never published as much music as I did this year.

Short Movies

All in all, I created music for 8 short movies. One of them was longer than 20 minutes. The final score for this movie contained 10 different tracks. This is also the movie where I didn’t only create the music but also played a character. I got offers for even more movies which I declined because I wanted to concentrate on more commercial projects (most of the short movies where non-commercial).
Comparison: Last year I created the music for ONE short movie.

Audio Stock

One of the best things I discovered this year was the existence of audio stock websites and the possibility to earn money with it. There’s this so called “micro stock” where you can upload your music in order to sell it on an online market place. I started uploading my first songs in February, had my first sale in March and have grown my passive income to more than 150€/month since then. In order to get there, I uploaded almost 50 music tracks to 5 different audio stock websites.

I also started offering my music to music libraries. I got more positive feedback than I expected from them and now I’m getting ready to sign a few contracts.


I also wrote a lot of texts and articles in 2012. All in all I wrote more than 40 articles for Follow The Red Queen and more than 100 articles for another company which I sell my articles to.
Besides that, I released my ebook “Why You Haven’t Changed Your Life Yet”, which you can receive when you sign up to my newsletter.

Love, Romance and Sex

2012 has brought me more than a few epiphanies in the matters of love, romance and sex. First of all, I discovered that I am into girls. Second of all, I discovered, that I’m (currently?) not into guys. These realizations were ground-breaking for me and very important to make.

One result of that: For the first time of my life I’m in a romantic relationship. This has been a major source for happiness and contentment this year. Also, I’ve been learning very much from this experience and I’m grateful every day for the way it’s changing me.

It’s a polyamorous relationship – so it’s a little different from most relationships. Polyamorous basically means that we’re not exclusive and are free to connect with other people in any way we want (emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, sexually).

Besides exploring this romantic relationship, I made also new experiences with the spiritual side of sex. Did you know you could have sex with someone while not even touching each other below the belt? No, I’m not talking about petting. I have a very sensitive, spiritual friend with whom I tried to have sex with only our hearts and hands. That means basically, sending each other loving energy until we have some sort of orgasm in our hearts.
It’s an incredible intense experience and it seems like we’re getting better at connecting each time. I’m very happy that I have the chance to experience this. It helped me open up my perspective on sex even more.


2012 was generally very interesting in terms of relationships. First of all, I didn’t get to know as many people as in 2011. When it was clear to me that I would move to Berlin soon, I didn’t want to make any new friends in my former home town and so I didn’t care about networking anymore. Interestingly enough, I still made quite a few connections in that phase because people kept approaching me.

Although I met fewer people, I made more friends. The percentage of people I met who were compatible to me was a lot higher than in the previous years. I met more vegans, spiritual and intuitive people, self-employed people and polyamorous people than ever before. This led to a very fulfilling social life.

Fun and Adventure

I always spend a lot of time on my work. However, I know that balance is important. So I tried to not forget my personal life this year.

Personal interests I explored this year included playing soccer, cooking, outdoor and survival, politics, economy and Esperanto. Especially non-mental interests like cooking and playing soccer helped me to relax and unwind.


Unlike a lot of people, I don’t belong to those who dream of constant world travelling, being on the road and working from everywhere. However, I became more interested in travelling in 2011. I just want to see more of the world and meet all kinds of people.

This year was filled with many trips between Berlin and my former home town. Even before I moved to Berlin in May I had visited the city three times since January. Because of these many trips I didn’t feel a lot like travelling elsewhere in the beginning of the year. In the summer I went on a short trip to the Baltic sea (for the first time in my life), though, and in December I went to Sweden for five days (also a first time). Sweden was also the first time that I travelled by airplane on my own, which was a good experience to make.


One very interesting thing that happened to me: My intuitive abilities skyrocketed this year. This helped me a lot in my every day life. Don’t know what to do? Ask intuition. Don’t know how to do it? Ask intuition. Of course, this doesn’t work with everything but at least with the important things you can get some directions.

As you see, there are a lot of things I experienced in 2012 that I haven’t even mentioned here. I think many of those things are still so new to me that I’m still in the learning phase and don’t feel ready to share my insights yet.


I don’t make concrete plans for the whole year anymore. However I know which directions I want to take.


Filling music libraries with my compositions will be a big focus for me in 2013. I want to multiply the size of my catalogue in a big way.
Along with that, I want to increase my passive income as much as it’s possible this year. Going from 20€ to 150€+ was a nice experience already – now I want to take it to a level where it’s a serious source of income.

Creative Projects

Besides composing music I want to get back into film and also into live music. I’m not in a hurry with that, though.


Travelling will be a bigger part of my life this year. I already booked a flight to Portugal and I’m planning on going on a few other trips, too.

Follow The Red Queen

As you might have noticed I’m currently not focusing a lot on Follow The Red Queen. I try to keep up my blogging routine but other than that it’s relatively quiet around here. The main reason is that I’m busy with other projects – especially with earning money and creating music. I do get heart-warming feedback (thank you, everybody!) once in a while, though, which motivates me to continue blogging. I see FTRQ more like a long-term project anyway. My desire to talk about personal development topic is not going to fade soon – however, it’s not the most important thing for me right now.


At the moment, I feel that spirituality becomes more important for me. Could have something to do with the fact that I have a lot of spiritual people around me.


Relationships will probably be very interesting this year. I don’t really have an agenda in this area of my life except exploring the road of polyamory further and deepen connections and friendships.

So, these are the directions I feel good about at the moment. However, nothing’s etched in stone yet and life will probably come and mess it up anyway (usually in a good way!). I’m looking forward to the mess.

How was your year? Feel free to share your conclusions about 2012 and your goals, resolutions or directions for 2013 in the comment section.

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  1. Sophia says:

    Hey Alice :)

    Congrats on your realisations and growth! 2012 was an amazing year for me too. I discovered I was a woman, relocated to Berlin, and revamped my life in practically all respects. I find it kind of hard to believe that some things happened only one year ago. From my perception of time it could have been 20.

    Sexual preference is so tricky. I would like to think that I’d proven to myself that I’m bi (rather than just lesbian) last year. But there always seems to be more doubts. First I had to unreservedly enjoy sex with a guy to be bisexual. Now that I’ve done that, I want to have a real relationship with a guy to be sure. I wish my head would just shut up! XD

    • Alice says:

      Haha, the last 12 months must have been freaking intense for you! I also find it hard to believe that it’s only been a year. It’s like I live a totally different life now.

      “Sexual preference is so tricky.” It is – which is why I will stay open-minded about my own. Maybe I will wake up one day and be straight or bi.

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