This approach consists of a necessary but significant change of mind that will change your everyday perception of money personally. You will still think about the percentage differentials before the crude dollar number compared to two goods or two rates.

By looking at the percentage change, it’s easier to determine savings or growth between two dollars – making better choices that lead to higher savings and growth. The percentage analysis is also at the center of the 1% early retirement plan.

The sooner you can retire, of course, the more you save, and the higher your savings percentage. One percent can make a big difference and help you withdraw up to 2 years earlier by only growing your investment/savings rate by 1 percent.


The 1% approach uses the change in percentage thinking to help you save more money, make better purchasing decisions, and make money. Here are some tips from which you can improve your thinking and saving more money.

Start With Your Comfort Zone

The best thing you can save is something you keep. You shouldn’t take your daily life off just pushing yourself, because the sooner you retire, the more 1 percent you increase.

It’s recommended to save your paycheck immediately. Saving first allows you to spend without regret the remainder of your salary. If you know that you kept your goal number, some worry about money will be taken away.

1% Increment in the Investment Rate

No matter what percentage of your salary or sideline money you save, I suggest that you try to raise your savings percentage as much as you can. You may either automate or manually use your 401K, Roth IRA, or other savings accounts. Several 401k providers allow you to increase your savings rate in percentage intervals as much as you like. 

You can even scale your donations manually, but it’s easier to do it automatically because you won’t even mark the difference in your paycheck. If you start with a 5 percent savings rate, then raise your savings by 1 percent, you can conserve 25 percent of your income every three months in 5 years. This is the best way to increase your savings without feeling it. If you start to feel it, scale back 1% and wait six months to pursue another escalation.

Get more money with your percentages

If you find out how to make more money, concentrate on percentages, and relate your pay to percentages of increased income, you will make a lot of more money as opposed to a flat fee or salary.

So many consultants and workers are putting money on the table. There are substantial opportunities for making money as you discuss what is known as “revenue sharing” or “revenue reimbursement.” The more money you gain for your client or your company, the more money you make.

Buy the Product by Comparing the Percentage  

Whenever you shop, measure your savings as a percentage and save more. Whenever you go to a grocery store, a convenience store, or any store where a product is on sale, measure the purchase price as a percentage and don’t just depend on the dollar amount. It also helps to determine the percentage difference between the price when you compare different items.

When you compare buying choices as percentages and make a cheaper choice, it’s like making a percentage return on your money right away. The best way to make money is not to waste it. Remember to reflect on the percentage difference between two goods to make a value decision on whether it’s worth paying more.

Final Words

Every single percentage makes a difference in your savings. Making a proper comparison can result in more savings and more money. So choose wisely and make a sound decision so that you can save enough for your future.

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